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0ISBNebook Read The Book: Evolution of Trading $24.95 The Evolution of Trading: How Technology and Governance Are Changing Finance in the 21st Century uncovers groundbreaking ideas useful for a variety of readers. Authors June Klein and Mark Fadiman "wrote the book" on global trading - where we were, where we are and where we are going. The book begins with quotes from leaders such as Bear Stearns' Vice Chairman, Oxford Internet Institute's Director, former Wall Street Journal editor and former Forbes editor. The two main drivers behind the globalization of finance, regulation and technology, are discussed in depth. The epilogue covers the inevitable next chapter in the global money business -- a centralized marketplace for capital formation.

Read The Book if you want to "e-volve" and survive.

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700 EbTMVIrating2go(tm)   $1,200.00 This unique rating system employs a ranking in 4 categories and is customized for your firm. Your company is reviewed by the Electronic-Boardroom TMVI(r) Newlsletter Team. Your company will be questioned, analyzed and judged within and across the 4 categories below: 1. Technology -- Is the company on the right path to develop or sustain superior information technologies? 2. Marketing -- Does the company have a realistic marketing strategy to exploit the superior technology? 3. Ventures -- Has the company chosen the right partners and made effective use of alliances to enhance its products, services and operations? 4. Inc. -- Does the company have a coprorate structure that is nimble and flexible enough to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace? Our first subscriber was in 1992. This real estate merchant bank was asked to invest in internet firms with no earnings per share. In 1998, we identified and invested in unknown stars like Cisco, Lycos and WebTV. We sold for handsome profits in 2000. Annual subscription fees are $100/month. The newsletter is included in the Electronic-Boardroom TMVI(r) club subscription of $500/month. We have done specialized reports for global tech firms and financial services firms.
605 Custom Marketing Program Leveraging Oxford Briefing   $25,000.00 June Klein, strategic consultant to CEOs, directors and financiers, will work with you and either your staff or T&MV Inc.'s staff. We will define a program that combines the Oxford briefing in a memorable way tailored to your needs. The outcome will be focused at achieving your core goal and disseminating your key message to a targeted audience.
755 EbMembershipClub2go(tm)   $6,000.00 The membership includes: Actionable Investor Newsletter with technology rating system; Oxford University UK Briefing on best governance practices; the official Garment2go(tm) as discovered by the NYTimes; free governance breakfasts/lunches; topical reports; custom research for 3 hours. Annual subscription fee of $6,000; $500 monthly.
37 Garment2go(tm) as seen in NYTimes, Sunday business section $24.88 A concise, high tech packaging solution for the well-organized executive who shrinks everything but the bottomline. In 2" x 3" x 2", a size that fits in the palm of your hand, you have a usable XL, 100% cotton garment. Use for exercise or night attire, travelable carry-on, trip-return gift, mailable gift, Xmas stocking stuffer, "wow" discussion piece, special event souvenier, value-added product mailer, co-branded vending promotion. This unique package has been compressed under 50 tons of pressure to save you space and freight plus solve storage and distribution problems. The shrink-wrapping keeps this multi-function product clean and moisture free. All members of the Electronic-BoardroomTMVI(r) Club for directors, CEOs, trustees and financiers receive this pragmatic item plus the Oxford University, UK research briefing on corporate governance.
18 Oxford, UK Briefing- TMVI Model for Corporate Governance - An Electronic-Boardroom TMVI(r) Sol...   $1,000.00 Directors who watch this program will have a unique template to use to manage complexity, change and risk. This tool is focused toward maximizing shareholder value and ensuring corporate survival. Traditional models of governance are insufficient in the electronic age. This new, integrated model and sampling of best practices can be applied to organize and analyze strategic initiatives. It was developed to help overseers cope with ethical issues confronting a global economy and a workforce with unprecedented diversity. The lecture was filmed by Oxford TV studios at the International Conference of Social Values. This Electronic-Boardroom TMVI(r) guide was published by Oxford Centre for values in education and business. - To read the abstract, click on home, then "IntellectualCapital2go(tm)" www.electronic-boardroom.com/news.html - To relate the survey questionnaire to your own firm, click on home, then oxford www.electronic-boardroom.com/oxford/oxfordquestionnaire.html - To see scenes from the briefing, click on home, then scenes www.electronic-boardroom.com/scenes.html
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158 Garment2go(tm) Quantities of 1,000 discounted per item price   $14.00
t Electronic-BoardroomTMVI(r)Integrator $5,000.00 This unit integrates your digital life: audio, video, pictures, DVR functions, IPTV, internet, home automation, video surveillance, international and local calling. They are all accessible in this high performance, cool and quiet receiver like, touchscreen unit.
266 TechLeasePrograms   $100.00 We can assess your viability for or give you a quote through one of our several different co-branded leasing affiliations. We will match your info against special offers we have and fax back to you a lease arrangement if appropriate. After paying $100 for this service via our secure storefront, please email to jklein@electronic-boardroom.com or fax to 212/744-2089 : your company name; address; phone #; fax#; Dun & Bradstreet #; total $cost amount for any vendor's furniture, support services, hardware, software, applications; equipment list; lease term: FMV,12,24,36,48 or 60 months.

One of our previous co-branded programs which was not available directly from Cisco involved rebuilding your infrastructure today, no payment for 90 days. Since previous horrific attacks on America had caused the psychological and economic state of our country to be in limbo, we had created a plan to alleviate the cost of paying for the hardware, software and services upfront and having to make immediate monthly payments upon delivery and installation. The start-up company had to be registered as a Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. customer. Qualified customers had access to aggressive guaranteed financing by Cisco capital; $450,000 lease available same day with no credit check; 90 day no pay policy; access to recent Cisco intellectual property related to websiste infrastructures. The qualifications for the start-up company were: privately-held with less than 33% public company ownership interest; must have received an investment of capital within 12 months of anticipated equipment purchase date; enterprise business focus, not a service provider; lifetime cumulative Cisco equipment purchases less than $100,000; purchase in one order, an end-to-end Cisco solution including all of the following: 1 multiservice router--1799, 2600, 3600 or 7200; 1 catalyst ethernet switch-- 2900,3500,4000,5000 or 6,000; 1 cisco local director load balancing product, 1 cisco PIX Firewall Security Product; 1 year of smartnet or onsite maintenance.
Next-Practices Next Practices for Electronic Game Changers   $500.00 Unique, quality global analysis and research package includes: (i) 5th Estate Communications Megatrend (ii)Social Change Platform developed from Oxford Internet Institute academic strategies for Institute for Defense Analysis. Presentation at Oxford Business school: Crowdsourcing Feedback Formula for Public Policy Initiatives. Frontend and backend of social change platform shortens timeframe from expert proposals to government decision-makers. Application for platform is Tax Benefit Exchange which enables small businesses to monetize unusable depreciation deductions to grow their business, create jobs and jumpstart economy. (iii) TMVi Tax Benefit Exchange Solution for Jobs and Economy Crains NY overview and FAQ. (iv) Business and Internet Outcomes from Wikileaks, English Riots, Occupy Wallstreet, Arab Uprisings - Top 10 list of Social Science Research Network of peer-reviewed 375,000 working papers. Presented at Oxford Internet Symposium. (v) being on select list of invitees to 5th estate innovators un-conference where select participatory leaders will develop Next Practices.
1CTFIT Critical Timeline for Inheritance Transfer   $1,000.00 The most important thing for trustees, executors and beneficiaries to do after the funeral of their parents and before seeing an estate attorney. Provide the date of death, deceased's domicile state and deceased's name. We will then outline the deadlines for all trust, estate, deceased tax returns and other regulatory dictated tasks. This will enable the trustee / executor / beneficiary to effectively manage the process crossing over different professionals such as estate attorneys, fiduciary accountants, real estate brokers, appraisers, bankers, brokers, insurers, etc. Further, it provides an objective framework for all to work from. It minimizes lawsuits and family feuds due to misunderstandings of when distributions are viable.
ISBNebook978-1480289864 ReadyAimCaptivateEbook $9.97 Expert insights, actionable steps and complementary resources to catapult your life. Featuring June Klein on Cybersecurity, 5th Estate and Mobile Platforms; Deepak Chopra technology to enhance wellbeing, Dan Janal master your message for the media. #1 Amazon USA & UK bestseller in entrepreneurship, economics and new releases. Elit award for literary excellence. Interviews will help you learn what it takes to put magic in your message and a fortune in your future. Messages of Inspiration; for Success; using Technology, Media, Books and Brand; for Health; for Happiness and Fulfillment. This link is for flip style ebook for $9.97. For 400 page paperback for $24.97 https://www.createspace.com/4141151 or email jklein@tmv.com After adding 1 to basket, please click checkout in far right of top ribbon.