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Ms. June R. Klein is CEO of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc., a New York based consultancy specializing in boardroom-management issues and electronic business ventures. Her shareholder-value solutions were refereed published by the Oxford University Centre for the Study of Values and the University Press of America. She was peer-review selected to present her methodology and recommendations for managing complexity, change and risk at Oxford’s International Social Values Conferences. Ms. Klein’s general management skills were acquired in her previous positions at the Federal Reserve Bank, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, JPMorganChase, Wang Labs and IBM. Her ability to blend strategic thinking with tactical execution is grounded by an MBA in finance from NYU and an advanced technology degree from IBM’s Systems Research Institute. She comes to electronic trading from a technology—rather than trading—orientation but her boutique banking and consulting firm has a track record of bringing financial designers together with funding sources. Ms. Klein has supported back-office and front-end trading systems for some of the nation’s largest banks and investment firms. Besides her Wall Street and United Kingdom activities, Ms. Klein has served in an advisory capacity to Congressional committees — an activity she continues to pursue.

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Mr. Mark Fadiman is founder of Libertarian-oriented Palisade Business Press (PBP) — a New Jersey & Connecticut-based cooperative publishing firm with over 100 titles — mostly on business and finance. Before founding PBP, Mark held numerous reporting positions in the financial media, including that of Wall Street and banking correspondent for Investor's Business Daily and retail brokerage and municipal finance editor for Investment Dealers Digest magazine. He is the founding editor of the financial technology newsletter Investment Management Technology and the retail brokerage magazine On Wall Street (circ: 100,000, Thomson Corp.). Mark has also written two interview-oriented books on investing for John Wiley & Sons and Simon & Schuster. The two books, "Rebuilding Wall Street" and "MarketShock" were compiled after intensive interviews of over 500 financiers and investment bankers at home and abroad. Mr. Fadiman is also the president of Universal X-Change Corporation.

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